Knowledge = power!

Part of our philosophy is to help develop people, not just their performances but also their knowledge.  As such we are happy to share our thoughts, experiences and training methods.  In the articles you can see below we cover a range of topics that we have experience and expertise in.  We do not create articles for the sake of it, and we only create them on topics we feel we can add something pertinent to.  

You may also see different authors in the articles, this is because we respect those people and they are also considered experts in their fields. 

Our core is about training in its various guises, for triathlon, cycling, swimming and running.  Some of the articles are general, others more specific.  Use the filters to find topics that interest you.  


Technique is important in many areas, none more so than swimming though.  We spend a lot of time looking at and working with athletes on their technique, check out some of our experiences, observations and processes. 


With head coach Mark Pearce's background in physiology and sport science support to the British Olympic Triathlon Team, you can expect us to cover various topics in sport science. 

Triathlon and its disciplines are heavily physiologically dependant, and therefore a lot of time is spent looking at training and technology that will influence that.  

These articles are usually about the theory of an aspect, which can be then applied to the disciplines of triathlon.  


This is what many people consider the 'fun' bit; there is so much information available on training and training methods.  We attempt to break this down, clarify and contextualise the main issues, techniques and options.


There is a lot of data available to athletes now, and much of it can be very confusing.  We bring some sanity to it and attempt to explain some of the key issues and uses for analysis.  Some athletes can get buried or end up going down blind alleys with data that is not used correctly.