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All You Need To Know About Triathlon Swimming Training

Want to feel confident about your triathlon swimming?

Want to swim fast but not live to regret it during the rest of the race?

The feeling of moving through the water fast and effortlessly is the holy grail of swimming.

With our key tips on triathlon swimming training and technique you will soon feel confident in the water and improve your times.

The swim is generally the shortest section of the triathlon in both time and distance. Typically it takes up about 15 to 20% of the race duration, depending upon ability and event length.

However the majority of triathletes spend far more then 20% of their training time on the swim. So why is that?

Technique - That’s why.

Swimming with an effective technique will make substantial gains to your triathlon performance for a few reasons:

  1. Better technique will improve your speed for no extra energy cost (or change in fitness)
  2. Better technique will help you draft faster swimmers and gain even more time.
  3. Better swimming technique can mean you have to work less hard to hold a position in a swimming pack and save energy for later in the race.

Swimming is about practice, practice, practice, as much as it is about training.

Is Triathlon Swimming Different To Just Straightforward Swimming?


Well there are quite a few similarities, particularly in the basic technique for front crawl. However competition swimming is performed in the clinical environment of a pool, with only one person in a lane and usually over distances that are shorter than nearly all triathlon events.

Many triathlons take place in open water. This can be in rivers, lakes, docks or the sea. The swim can occasionally be in a pool, particularly for the shorter events.

However a triathlon never has one person swimming on their own and the course is rarely marked with a line along the bottom. Wetsuits are commonly used, particularly in cooler climates. These change the buoyancy and stroke of a swimmer.

All of these things and more make swimming in a triathlon different to just straightforward swimming.

Triathlon swimming start

Is That It Then, Improve Technique?

Although a big part of swimming well, great technique is not enough. You will need to train to improve your swimming fitness to really improve your performance.

Swim workouts are usually broken down into chunks, more than either cycling or running. Therefore the construction of a training session for swimming is usually quite different to that of a run or bike session.

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