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Without a doubt you could spend more money on triathlon bikes than any other bit of triathlon gear.

So it helps if you know what you need, what to look for and what your options are before you set out to part with your cash.

If you are just starting out in triathlon, then any bike will do so long as it has two wheels and brakes that work!

Even a mountain bike will do, but generally people will compete on traditional-style racing bikes with drop handlebars.

Everyone has their favourite bike, and we'd love it if you would share your favourite with us and other readers simply by filling in the form below.

triathlon bike

There are many things to consider when choosing a bike, from the type of riding you do to the distances you will cover. Other things to add into the mix for you to think about are gears, wheels, bars, pedals, shows, saddles, tyres. And then once you’ve decided on all that, you need to make sure you get a bike that fits.

Once you’ve got your bike and are clocking up the miles, you need to then look after it. And it helps if you know what to do if something goes wrong with it.

If you’re new to cycling or have a new bike in a different style, you’ll also need to get used to how it handles and get your technical skills up to scratch.

And then race day comes along. How you hop on and off your bike in transition can save you a lot of time and effort during a race. Being able to mount and dismount confidently is only a bit of practicing away when you know the best techniques.

The articles below explain what to look for when buying a bike. We explain the terminology and technology so that you understand what person in the bike shop is talking about.

We also explain how to make sure your bike fits you and is set up properly, how to look after it and how to use it effectively.

Triathlon Bike Information

Best Triathlon Bike

A comprehensive guide to choosing your bike. Covers things to consider when buying a bike: gears, wheels, carbon or aluminium frames, tyres, pedals and shoes.

Triathlon Bike Sizing

Something else to consider when choosing your best triathlon bike is the size, and then you need to get it set up so that it fits you properly, is comfortable to ride and easy to control.

Tiathlon transition

Triathlon transition

Top tips on how to set up your bike in transition and how to mount and dismount it quickly, including a video to illustrate the techniques.

Ask The Triathlon Coach

Got a question about your training, gear, race preparation? Ask us here!

What's Your Top Triathlon Bike?

There are loads of models and brands of triathlon bikes out there.

Different ones suit people differently, so we’d love it if you could let us and other readers know what YOUR favourite triathlon bike is and why.

It's easy! Just fill in the form below.

Share your tips and reviews about your best triathlon bikes!

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