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All You Need To Know About Running Training For Triathlon

Science-based information and advice to help you develop a successful triathlon running training programme.

How well do you run off the bike?

Do you want to run faster?

Running training for a triathlon is different to training for just running on its own. In triathlon you have already swum and cycled. Approximately 70% of your race duration is already done when you start the run. Therefore your run training needs to reflect this.

Triathlon is one sport, not three combined. Make sure your training reflects this!

Triathlon running is about being able to compete as close to your straight best time, even when fatigued from the swim and bike.

The very best triathlon runners manage to run within seconds of their best times for the run distance even after they have swum and biked. This is because they train to run fast OFF the bike, not just to increase running speed for the distance of the run.

Your running training programme must integrate with your swim and bike programme to get the best performance on race day, and it must make you a better triathlon runner.

We see a lot of people who set great times in training and then look confused when a race performance doesn’t reflect this. They are usually training like a distance runner, not like a triathlete who wants to run faster.

Below are links to articles on the types of training required to improve triathlon running performance. These focus on improving running speed and endurance.

We talk you through why and how to include the following in your running training programme:

  • Endurance training
  • Speed work
  • Easy running

We also give you lots of examples of sessions to try.

An area to give special attention to is injury prevention. Running is a load bearing exercise and as such places considerably more stress on the your body than swimming and cycling do.

Triathletes make this worse by generally being able to train more than runners, because they carry fitness from the other disciplines. They also run in a race when fatigued, so poor control and posture is very common, which can lead to injuries.

To make sure you don’t get injured, have a look at our strength and conditioning section for a whole load of exercises to keep you in one piece.

Running Training Articles

Have a look at our page on how to plan your triathlon training to fit all this together into your triathlon training plan.

Why Do Endurance Training?

Good endurance allows you to run for longer, recover better from high intensity sessions and between higher intensity bouts within sessions. Find out why you will benefit from including specific endurance sessions in your triathlon running training.

How to Improve your Triathlon Run Endurance

A complete description of what the different types of endurance training are and how to include these in your training.

Why Include Speed Training In Your Running Plan?

The primary aim of speed sessions is to improve the speed or pace you can sustain for a distance. For example if your race is an Olympic Distance triathlon, then speed training should complement the endurance training to increase your running speed in the triathlon race.

What Do Sessions To Improve Your Speed Look Like?

A comprehensive description of training sessions to include in your triathlon training program to get you running faster.

Running Drills

Have a look at our videos of running drills. Running drills are exercises that help you improve your running performance. There are many benefits from doing drills and elite triathletes will be doing them on a regular basis.

Running Specific Conditioning Training

Improve your running performance by working on your strength and conditioning. Exercises and videos illustrating how to improve your hamstring and glute strength, lower limb strength and avoid injury.

Ask The Triathlon Coach

Got a question about your training, gear, race preparation? Ask us here!

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