Quintana Roo Superfull Wetsuit

by Mike

I have had the Quintana Roo Superfull wetsuit for a little over a year. I bought it because my previous wetsuit was a Quintana Roo wetsuit, which lasted me 5 years.

The Superfull feels even better, they’ve obviously made lots of upgrades in the past 5 years!

In short it is a great suit, easy to put on and get off, and puts you in a perfect swim position.

Some details:

This wetsuit has 1.5mm Type 40 panels on the sides, which supposedly offer extra multi-directional stretch to accommodate chest expansion and contraction when you’re breathing heavily. The forearm panel is made of silver sharkskin. Around the ankle it has a 1.5mm Type 40 insert to help you get out the suit quicker.

Also to speed up your exit from the suit, is the breakaway zipper. What this type of zipper does is that when you pull the zip up to the top, and give it a tug, it disconnects at the top and then zip naturally opens - you don't have to pull it down.

The chest and shoulders are made of Type 40 neoprene, so they're soft and flexible. The only potential issue with this is that the more flexible the material is the less durable it will be. No problems so far for me though.

Probably my favorite bit of new technology in this Quintana Roo Superfull suit is the “Virtual Pull Buoy”. Basically the material is more buoyant on the inner thighs than on the outer thighs, which encourages better rotation and means you keep your hips high in the water.

The wetsuit also has SCS Nanoskin neoprene on the chest and back which also helps you to be more buoyant in the water.

My only gripes with this wetsuit are that the ends of the sleeves are a bit too flexible and sometimes they seem to let some water in. It is also a little on the pricey side but you get what you pay for I guess!

Overall the Quintana Roo Superfull is a great wetsuit, comfortable, flexible and I feel great swimming in it.

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