Building Up Training For Ironman Copenhagen

by Rasmus

I've heading for IM Copenhagen 2014 and have been studying your 20 week training plan. Seems to fit me rather well. but still there is 55 weeks until IM Copenhagen.

I'm a rather heavy guy 89 kg - 184 cm tall, so I'm committed to lose weight...beneath 80 kg is my goal!

Did a half IM June this year in 5h28min...great race...felt in good control the whole course. I've been struggling with my achilles for several years - unfortunately, so the next month is with focus on "heavy load extension" training, focus on swimming and biking.

No running...instead I do cross trainer! Swimming and biking are my favorite disciplines.

My question is: How would you recommend a build up process hitting the best possible basic shape, before I start with the 20 weeks IM program?

I can't find a program on your homepage which is headed a good basic shape!

Thanks in advance.

Intelligent Triathlon Training replies:

Hi Rasmus,

I would consider Basic Condition as foundation fitness.

One simple way of looking at it would be to do the 20-week programe twice with a bit of recovery between.

The second time round you would expect everything to either be a bit longer as your endurance is better, that you are able to do more reps, because your Foundation fitness is better and you recover quicker, or you are able to go faster in the sessions that warrant it. This provides you with a little room for recovery and un-scheduled problems.

One of the reasons for doing this is that doing 35 weeks of basic fitness without specific aims or variation within the programme, will mean you won't make as many gains as you could.

The body needs to be stressed, allowed to recover and in this recovery it adapts to the stress, so when you repeat, it is slightly better able to deal with the demands.

Over enough time this becomes a noticeable change.

By continuing to do basic - you probably mean steady aerobic (Extensive Endurance as we call it) training - you will limit your progression.

Another way of looking at it would be to repeat parts of the plan.

For instance, extend the Base 1 and 2 and Build phases by a week, and then after the Build 1, go back to Base.

Similarly you should see the variation in the training will conintue to push and adapt you in different areas.

Both of these options will put you in good shape to push on when you get to the more quality areas of training in the later stages.

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