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Training Programmes And How To Plan Your Training For A Triathlon

When starting out training for a triathlon it can be tempting to just get out and swim, bike run.

However, if you plan your training it will be so much more effective.

You could just download some free programmes off a website, or use ones you find in a magazine, but do they really fit YOU?

Understanding the hows and whys of building a programme will make your preparation for a triathlon much more effective.

These pages will help you to develop your own plan no matter what your background or the distance you are racing over.

Even if you have a coach who has given you your own schedule, do you really understand it?

Do you know how to make sure it is working, how to adapt it if it isn’t or if your coach isn’t around?

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The First Step: Building A Triathlon Training Plan – Any Distance

This is the place to start, with a great tool for you to download and use.

Find out the key things to consider when planning your training for a triathlon. Understand the principles of training and periodisation to effectively structure your programme, as well as how to decide on the type of training you need, and how to monitor your progress. Even if you already have a programme our training planner download could help you refine it!

Triathlon Training for Beginner Triathletes

Just starting out? Top tips for beginner triathletes. Find out the key components of a successful program.

8 Week Beginner Sprint Triathlon Training Program

We explain the types of training that will be most effective for sprint triathlons. Includes an easy to follow, effective 8 week sprint triathlon schedule.

Sprint Triathlon Training Schedule

Get results, with this easy to follow, programme that can be adapted to fit the duration you have to train for your race. Ideal for anyone who has been training consistently for about a year or more.

Olympic Triathlon Training

Aiming for an Olympic distance race? Use our Olympic distance program that can be adapted to fit the duration you have to prepare for your race. For anyone who has been training consistently for about a year.

Ironman Training Plan

Complete an Ironman successfully with our easy to follow 21 Week Plan. For anyone who is active but not in regular Ironman training, or people who have undertaken a shorter triathlon such as a sprint or Olympic, and who want to make it safely and enjoyably around an Ironman.

Triathlon Transitions

Improve your triathlon transition and knock seconds off your time. Includes a video to illustrate key bike and transitions skills, as well as top tips for speeding up transition.

Tapering For Race Day

Find out how to get your taper spot on, for the best adaptations to your training for a triathlon and optimal performance on race day.


Don’t leave your recovery to chance, you should plan this in the same way that you plan your training. This page explains how you adapt to training, what fatigue looks and feels like and how to monitor whether you are recovering well or not. We also include lots of different techniques to optimise your recovery and get the most out of your training for a triathlon.

Ask The Triathlon Coach

Got a question about your triathlon schedule? Ask us here!

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