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26th July 2011, Issue No 2.

Welcome to Intelligent Triathlon Talk.

In this issue:

  • Training tip of the month - tapering
  • Update on Mark's triathletes' racing
  • Rhona gets busy with a ball, rolling pin and elastic band
  • How to successfully negotiation transition

Training Tip Of The Month -
Get Your Taper Right

Many of you are probably in the throes of racing season. Getting your preparation right in the lead up to a race can make all the difference to your performance on the day. This period is commonly called a taper, and there has been a lot of research into the best way to approach this. We’ve condensed this into these top tips for you:

The fitter you are and the longer training background you have, the longer your taper can afford to be (up to 2 – 3 weeks). If you’ve only been training for a few months, then you would start to lose fitness with a long taper, so a week or so would be right for you.

The key is to reduce the volume of your training, by around 50%, but maintain the intensity of your sessions.

So in practice this means training less frequently, but at the same intensity or pace. Don’t be tempted to work harder! Generally this means working at race pace, but having longer recovery between intervals and doing fewer intervals.

Focus on optimising your recovery during this period so that you are ready to race.


Mark’s news:
Mark is Performance Coach for British Triathlon’s High Performance Centre in Loughborough.

Those of you who read the last issue will remember that Mark was about to do the Gran Fondo bike ride in the Dolomites, Italy – a 220K ride with 5000m of climbing. Well, he did it and actually enjoyed it! He managed to squeeze under 10 hours for ride time, for a total time for the course of 10 hour 38 minutes.

Next up….who knows, he’s talking about an Xterra triathlon at the moment, we’ll see!

Due to initial cancellation of the European Under 23 Championships, all my U23 athletes have had to re-evaluate targets for season.

Matt Sharp has won his first ITU race in Geneva after an excellent delivery of his swim plan, which led to a group of 7 going clear on the bike. After working well together they gained 2 minutes 20 on the chase pack. Matt then proceeded to control the race from the front and beat several seasoned World Series and World Cup competitors.

Adam Bowden is preparing to line up in London World Championship Series race on 7th August, in Hyde Park, venue for the 2012 Olympic race.

Unfortunately Mark Threlfall broke some ribs in a training accident so couldn’t go to the Cross Triathlon European Championships.

Matt Sharp, Aaron Harris and Adam Bowden are all preparing for the final round of the British Super Series in London on 31st July.

One of the focuses of the past few weeks for all my athletes has been getting adequate recovery from big training sessions and competitions.

Rhona’s news:

Since last time I’ve been torturing myself with a ball, rolling pin and very large elastic band, in a quest to loosen my tight muscles and improve my mobility. And it’s worked! A strength and conditioning coach recommended this great website to me, and I can also highly recommend it:

It’s full of great video clips of really novel and effective exercises. It’s run by a highly energetic and entertaining sports physiotherapist. He describes his website as:

“This blog is intended as a jump off point for athletes to systematically begin to address their nasty tissues and grody joint mobility. Use at your own risk and stop if you think it's gonna hurt you, your spine is going to come out your throat, or your face goes numb. But, understand that you should be responsible for your own business. Don't wait until you need a new knee. Pony up.”

So if you have the slightest tightness, imbalance or niggles from training then go and check it out!

New On The Website

We have just put up our page on triathlon transitions. Mark talks you through how to prepare your bike, how to run out with it and how to quickly mount and dismount. It includes a video guide, so go check it out if you want to chop time off your transitions!

Have You Been On A Training Camp?

Also new to our site is our Triathlon Training Camp Directory. If you have been on a camp or your coach run camps, then tell them they can have a page on our website in our directory!

This is pretty brand new but once it starts filling up we hope it will be a great resource for anyone looking to go on a training camp.

Have You Been Racing?

If you have been racing, then we would love to hear about it! Tell us all about it here. We will be running a competition soon for entries on this page so keep an eye out for it!

Ask the Coach

Got a question for us? Submit it to the website and check out other people’s questions - and our answers.

Coming Up

Over the next few weeks we will be adding a page on bike handling skills as well as how to put on your wetsuit properly and get out of it speedily.
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See you next time!

Rhona & Mark

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