Group Ride with ITT on Zwift


 This is a group meetup ride on Zwift for endurance mileage


 In the comfort of your own pain cave, we will be using a variety of routes, usually using the hills and varied terrain.  


Saturdays 8 am (UTC) 11th December 2022 until further notice (excluding 25th December)


You want some company and chat for a long steady ride

Using the group meetup feature of Zwift, we invite you to join us for a sociable steady ride on Zwift.  The group is kept together to stay as part of the pack regardless of your level.  

If you haven't used this before, it can be a little strange; it's as if you are attached by elastic to the group leader.  If you ride at lower power (w/kg) than the leader, you will slowly lose time, then all of a sudden, the elastic kicks in and you are shot back into the group.  The same goes for those at the front. 

You only get dropped if you stop pedalling. 

You can late join up top 30min after the start time, and you can leave any time you want.  

We use Discord for voice chat, Intelligent Triathlon Training Channel

During the ride, we will introduce a few varied moderate efforts consistent with the philosophy of a Long Steady Duration ride (LSD); again, you cannot get dropped. 

The conversation will likely be triathlon or training related, recent events or bad jokes; we are avoiding politics!! Unless it's in a joke. 

How to get involved


Follow M. Pearce (Intellitri) on Zwift We cannot invite you if we can't see you.


On our Facebook Events page select 'Going' for each session you want to join.


Each Wednesday we will add the 'Going' list to the invitation and send it out.


You’ll get a notification in-game, and you can see the invitation in blue on the “Home” screen of Zwift Companion. Tap it to see details about the Meetup and respond “Going” or “Not Going.


If you want to join the chat, download Discord to your phone


Join our channel - make sure you have a mic and headphones (not just headphones!

You can late join up top 30min after the start time and you can leave any time you want, but you have to have accepted the invitation for this to work.  If you don't you will not be able to late join.  If you accept and then can't make it, that's fine we will see you another time!

We will update the 'Going' Invitation on Friday afternoon, so be sure to get your name down by then, even if you may not be able to make it.