Swim Clinic Details

Smoother More Efficient Swimming

Want to get your races off to a great start with efficient swimming?

Our one-day clinic will help you waste less effort in the water.

Drag is the biggest obstacle most swimmers need to overcome, and with water being very dense, small improvements can make significant differences.

On the first part of our swim clinic, we spend 4 hrs of pool time (split into 2 x 2hr) working on exercises to help with your

  • Body Position
  • Rotation
  • Alignment
  • Timing

    After completing this course you will: 

    • Know and understand the important aspects required for more efficient swimming
    • Understand how to perform drills that will help you to achieve this
    • Understand how to correctly implement them in your swim programme
    • Understand how they impact your full stroke.
    • Learn how to make corrections to your stroke as you swim

    I have found attending the technical swim school session absolutely brilliant. Being able to break down & practice each part of my stroke has improved my swimming 100%. It has also helped my confidence in the water. Great facilities, staff & pool.


    What happens during the clinic?

    We have two x 2hr sessions where we will proceed through the curriculum developing your skills in each aspect as we go, building up the complexity of the drills and skills required.  A key aspect of learning a technique is to apply it to your full stroke, and we will be constantly moving from drill to full stroke and back again. 

    We limit numbers to 12 people on this course so we can spend the maximum time with you and we will have 3 – 4 coaches on deck (4:1 coach ratio minimum).

    After the first pool session, we have time for lunch and some theory, where we use a variety of examples and demos of correct and incorrect techniques to help you to learn and understand what you need to work on to keep improving your stroke. 

    After lunch we are back in the pool for another 2hr session, moving on the skills we covered in the morning and introducing more alignment and timing. 

    After the session, each swimmer will receive a feedback sheet, with comments from the coaches about key aspects to continue working on.  

    Location and Timing


    Arrival: 9:45 am to start in the water at 10 am

    Session 1: 10 am to 12 pm

    Lunch and theory: 12 pm to 1:50 pm

    Session 2: 2 - 4 pm

    Depart: 4:10pm 


    Castle Rock School

    Meadow Ln, Coalville, LE67 4BR

    Ready to Book?

    This course is suitable for any swimmer who is in training on a regular basis.  It is NOT a beginners course.  If you are faster than ~1'30 per 100m then you likely need a more advanced course (which we are planning!)


    Once you have booked your place at the Swim Clinic you will receive an email requesting additional information (health waiver etc).  

    You will also receive additional information about the Clinic including full directions etc a week before the start of the clinic.   

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I need any equipment?

    YES - the following is essential:

    - Fins (not snorkelling ones)

    - Pull buoy

    - Paddles

    Do you provide lunch?

    As many sportspeople are very particular about their food, we ask you to bring your own lunch and snacks.  Tea and coffee will be available at lunchtime. 

    Four hours of swimming sounds a lot!

    You are correct, it does.  Don't worry though there will be plenty of time for recovery, and breaks as we explain and demonstrate areas.  Typically people will swim ~ 1.0 - 1.5k per hour in these sessions. 

    Will this course transform me into a super swimmer?

    No it won't, you may well become a super swimmer, but one course will not do that.  The lessons you learn and the skills you take away may do.  However, you need to be prepared to put time into practising what you learn, time and time again.  

    Sample Session

    This is video content from one of our swim schools.  This is a similar concept to the Swim Clinic, but is delivered as one hour per week.