All You Need To Know About Cycling Training For Triathlon

Training, May 07, 2021

Just how important is cycling training for a triathlon? Well, the bike section of a triathlon is the area where you can gain or lose the most time. This is because it is the longest in both time and distance. Typically about 50% of your race is spent on the bike, compared with less than 20% on the swim and about 30% on the run.

Triathlon bike training is also different to training for cyclists. Not only do you want to get faster on the bike, but you also want to minimize the effect of cycling on your running. 

We are always amazed at how much difference the right bike training makes to peoples running performances. Many a runner has taken to triathlon and found they underperform on the run, because the bike has fatigued them too much. 

Below is a range of articles on different types of cycling training specifically designed for triathletes. 

The ‘Why’ pages help you to understand the principles, ideas and basic rules so that you can effectively coach yourself. Using this information you can then modify and create your own sessions. The ‘How to’ pages give you lots ideas for sessions; the athlete in you can just pick and choose a session to fit your programme. 

We try to use simple terms so the sessions are clear to understand, but you might want to read our physiology pages to take things one step further and help you to make better choices in your sessions. 

Technical bike skills also have an impact on your bike performance, so we have some articles on this, as well as how to hop on and off your bike quickly in transition.

Remember: Triathlon is one sport; not three separate disciplines! Train for what you do!

Cycling Training Articles

Obviously the bike is only one section of a triathlon, so you need to fit this training in alongside your swimming and running training. Our 'putting your training plan together' page will help you plan a complete and effective training plan.

Why Include Endurance Training In Your Triathlon Cycling Plan? 

For Ironman races bike endurance is a no-brainer. Endurance training is the base that all your other training is built upon and having good endurance is what people commonly refer to as being ‘fit’. Good endurance allows you to ride for longer, recover better from high intensitysessions and between higher intensity bouts within sessions. 

Understand why even if you are training for a sprint triathlon you still need to include endurance training in your programme. 

How To Include Endurance Sessions (Beginner Triathletes)

All you need to know as a beginner triathlete about including sessions to improve all round bike endurance.

How To Include Endurance Sessions (Advanced Triathletes)

A complete description of the different types of sessions for more experienced triathletes to improve all round bike endurance. 

Why Include Speed Training For The Bike In Your Triathlon Programme?

Whilst you need a good endurance base no matter your event, the real performance gains come from being able to ride faster. To go faster you need more power. Find out how to increase your power and speed. 

How To Ride Faster: Include Speed Training For The Bike In Your Training Schedule.

A comprehensive description of what to include in your cycling training to get you riding faster.

Transition And Technical Bike Skills

Getting the most out of the bike leg isn’t just about fitness. Good bike handling skills can save you precious time (not to mention nasty falls). And that fabled ‘fourth discipline’: transition. Being able to hop on and off your bike with minimal effort and loss in speed will also save time.

Triathlon Transition Training

Improve your triathlon transition and knock seconds off your time. Includes a video to illustrate key bike and transitions skills, as well as top tips for speeding up transition.