Zoot Zenith Wetsuit Review

by Joel

The Zoot Zenith triathlon wetsuit is a fantastic wetsuit. It is normally $600 but I got it for a bargain $345. Obviously for that price you’d expect it to be a top quality suit, and I would say it does seem to be great quality.

It is really comfortable, fits me perfectly and is easy to put on and get off. It has a low-rise neckline, which means you can move your head without restriction, and it is totally water-tight. It is by far the most comfortable triathlon wetsuit I have worn.

I don’t feel like my swim stroke and range of movement are restricted in any way, nor does it rub around the neck, which are things that have bothered me in the past with different wetsuits.

Swimming isn’t my strongest point in a triathlon so I really like the buoyancy and control that this wetsuit gives me in the water. It also manages to look pretty cool too (in my opinion….).

I’ve only had my Zoot Zenith for 4 months so I can’t really comment on how well it lasts. I did read a few reviews before buying it and the general consensus seems to be that it is pretty durable. Mine still feels as good as new, and whilst I’ve not had it that long I have been using it quite a lot.

According to the info that came with the suit, it has special fabric panels in the forearm to help you push through the water better. It also has something called GLIDEflex in the shoulders – this is what gives good range of motion around the arms. The rubber around the sleeves and cuffs are thinner so your arms don’t feel too heavy or restricted.

All in all I’m really enjoying swimming in my Zoot Zenith wetsuit and would recommend it to anyone looking to swim fast, in comfort whilst looking good!

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