Winter Triathlon

by Illy

Hi there, do you also have a clue how to get ready for a winter Triathlon? - means mountainbiking 24 km + 954 hm, running 12km + 495hm and skitouring 6,2 km + 1200 hm

Thanks a lot for your answer. Illy

Intelligent Triathlon Training (Mark) replies:
Well we are not experts in the specifics of Winter Triathlon! However, training for all endurance sports is generally similar in principle.

Looking at the distances for each discipline I would expect the event to take somewhere between 2h 30 and 4h depending upon level of fitness.

From my own personal experience of mountain biking (not much of which has been done on snow) I know that the conditions you race in can effect the dynamics of the race.

For instance racing in thick mud is very different to riding fast dry trails. You may not be able to ride on snow all the time but I would certainly recommend getting some practice in.

As for the training, you can follow the guidelines on our 'training pages for cycling'.

Effectively you need the endurance training to complete the distance within a reasonable comfort zone, then you need the speed training to improve your performance.

How you do this training doesn't change much from road to mountain biking, just use your mountain bike a bit more than the time-trial bike!

Running off-road also requires the same physiological adaptations as running on the road, but you will get greater benefits by being able to train in similar conditions.

One of the reason we use time for intervals rather than distance is so that you can work out sessions irrelevant of the terrain or conditions.

4 x 2 min is the same physiological session whether you an elite or a novice, on the track or in deep mud.

The difference would be some of the technical and postural adaptions you might need to make, i.e. you get a lot of rebound on the track, but very little in mud or snow, so you have to subconsciously adapt how you run.

Therefore to train in the same conditions you will race in is very important. If you don't have lots of snow to train in, try x-country.

In all honesty I have little idea how to train for ski-touring, other than working on the same principles (you need the endurance training to complete the distance, especially after the other two disciplines, and then you need some speed training to improve your performance.

I would imagine many of the 'run workouts' would work quite well, just adapted for skiing.

From talking to skiers I know that technique is vital in this discipline to get the maximum out of it, so again get in plenty of practice.

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Feb 12, 2013
Winter training forums
by: Anonymous

I would be interseted in finding out more either about discussions , Forums ., or information about winter triathlons and training for winter triathlon. Dispite living in UK I am detemined to have a go

Feb 11, 2013
Winter triathlon training
by: Derek Bowley

I have been trying to look art training for a winter triathlon as well. Information on how to train for it specifically is difficult to come by.
You can train the various components and then you have to develop the sports specific skill set required
A training cam was held in Sweeden last winter but I have not seen any info on how successful it was and it did not run this winter

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