Which Triathlon Disciplines To Combine In Training?

by NA

I am planning to do an Olympic Distance triathlon in May and am starting my training now. I am following the training in this website (ie. Foundation, Base phases, etc).

I would like to know whether I need to do all three disciplines (swim, run and bike) in one session?

How many times a week shall I train at the foundation stage?

Intelligent Triathlon Training replies:

There will be times when you need to do all 3 disciplines in one session, but not too many. It is more common to do 2 discipline sessions but again not too often as the quality of what you do will suffer.

Foundation and Base training should form the majority of your weeks’ training as it will build your aerobic engine, which will make the event much more enjoyable and you will be able to finish strongly. However it is difficult to suggest how much to do without knowing your time goal and experience.

If you are new to the sport and of an active but not trained level of fitness then somewhere around 2 - 3 swims, 2 - 4 rides and 2 - 4 runs per week should be a good starting point.

If you are better in one discipline and find it easier than the others then you can either do less of it to allow more time to focus on your weaker areas OR you could do more of it to make it a real strength.

It really depends upon how you want to race. As you get fitter try to increase the duration you do rather than increase the intensity. If you are time-limited and cannot build the duration, increase the amount of work you are doing around or slightly above LT1 as this will help to strengthen the endurance at this intensity.

In the UK it is difficult to do swim to bikes in the winter but getting in some runs off the bike will help you to get used to the heavy leg feeling that usually happens when running off the bike.

Initially try this once every 2 weeks or so but as you get fitter include it every week. It doesn’t need to be a fast run, just run steady and build up the duration you are able to do.

As the race approaches you can start to make this run more like the race pace you would aim for but again keep the distance you do this for down.

So you may do 10 minutes at your race pace and finish the remainder of the run at a steadier pace to continue developing the endurance. This should complement any other run speed sessions you might be doing.

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