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Why Wear A Wetsuit And
How To Choose One

Triathlon wetsuits are needed for a triathlon with an open water swim where the water temperature is below a minimum temperature (usually 14C/57F – 16C/61F). There is also an upper temperature limit for wetsuit use. You will need to check this with your race organizer.

Have a look at our wetsuit reviews to help you choose the best suit.

Full details of temperatures/wetsuit requirements can be found on the ITU website or from your race organizer.

The benefit of swimming in a wetsuit is that it gives you more buoyancy.

In particular it helps keep your legs up.

Very often this is good news for a beginner triathlete or swimmer.

triathlon wetsuits

What Sort Of Triathlon Wetsuit?

There is a wide variety of wetsuits available, and at the end of the day you need to find the one that suits you. Our wetsuit reviews below can help you get an idea of what might suit might be good for you.

Different brands and styles of wetsuit fit people differently, so we’d love it if you could let us and other readers know what YOUR favourite wetsuit is and why by simply filling in the form below.

If you have any questions about wetsuits then please just ask us. You do need to wear a triathlon-specific wetsuit, not a surfing one. Triathlon-specific suits are designed for swimming in, allowing full range of movement in the arms.

They are also designed to make you swim faster as opposed to just keep you warm like surfing ones. Triathlon wetsuits are made of a sealed material so that the water doesn’t soak in.

The thicker the neoprene (material the suit is made from), the more buoyant it will be.

How do I Choose A Wetsuit?

A triathlon wetsuit should fit snuggly but not restrict your movement. It will probably be quite an effort to get it on, and it should feel tight, like it is supporting you. If it doesn’t, it is too big!

You obviously don’t want it to be too tight though – you should be able to swing and rotate your arms, and breathe comfortably.

Finding the right fit is key. Different brands will fit slightly differently, so it is worth trying on as many different ones as you can. Some shops will even allow you to try the suit in the water, which is ideal.

Finding a suit that fits well and doesn’t excessively change your position in the water is important.

When you first wear a wetsuit in may feel like it restricts your arm movements – this is quite common and they can take a bit of ‘breaking in’. If your wetsuit feels like this, also make sure that you are putting it on properly.

Make sure you pull the wetsuit all the way up at the crotch. It can take some time to get it on properly. Also make sure that the sleeves are pulled up high enough (so that your wrists show). If you have a bit of ‘bunching’ on the material round your shoulders that will give them more freedom.

Wetsuits can be expensive so it may be worth trying some secondhand ones until you find one that works for you. So long as they are of good quality and fit there is no reason to avoid a secondhand wetsuit.

Once you’ve bought your wetsuit you need to look after it to ensure it lasts well. Seams can usually be re-taped, glued or stitched if they are coming apart.

  • Always wash your suit with warm water after use and you might want to use a gentle sterilizing solution if the water you were swimming in wasn’t that clean.
  • Let the suit air dry but make sure you don’t leave it out in strong sun light for any length of time.
  • Store it flat but don’t fold it up and squash it under anything heavy.
  • If you’re not going to be using it for a long period of time then turn it inside out and store it flat in a cool place.
  • If you need to use lubrication then make sure you use a water-soluble natural substance.
  • Put your wetsuit on and take it off with care. Long nails can tear the material, as can sharp tugging.

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What's Your Favourite Triathlon Wetsuit?

Different brands and styles of wetsuit fit people differently, so we’d love it if you could let us and other readers know what YOUR favourite wetsuit is and why.

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