Triathlon Training While On Holidays

by CB

Hi, I love your website and it's been really helpful. I'm training for my first sprint triathlon which is taking place at the end of July.

I've trained consistently and trained hard (female 40-44 age group). I'll be on holidays in Italy for first 10 days of July - I will have access to a pool so can continue my swim training.

Due to the high temps, running may be very difficult(late 20's even in early morning!)

What would you advise I do training-wise over these 10 days as I don't want to lose too much of my fitness after training so hard! I will have 3 weeks almost when I get home before the tri. Many thanks!

Intelligent Triathlon Training replies:

Thanks for your kind comments, we are glad you like our site!

This sounds like the perfect time for a little recovery week and a good time to enjoy your holiday!! If you’ve been training well and maybe even a little bit harder in the week or two before you go, then having some down time about 3 weeks before the race will be perfect.

In 10 days you will not get less fit even if you did nothing. You might lose a little form which means you will find things a little harder or slower for a few days after starting training again. However this is temporary and will come back really quickly. Ease back into your training on your return from holiday for about a week, get a good week of training in and then start to ease back again into your race and you will fly!

Having said that, I would still put a little swimming in while you are away, depending upon how good you are and how much you are used to swimming. If you are used to swimming a lot and are a really good swimmer then a little every day won’t hurt and will help you to keep the feel for water.

If you swim 2-3 times per week then I would probably stick to something similar to your normal programme, as this will also help to maintain form in swimming. Other than that a light jog in the morning two to three times should keep you ticking over, but allow you to recover.

The thing about fitness is that it usually follows about 2 weeks behind your training. It can take 2-3-weeks for the body to adapt to your training so what you do in the last 2 - 3 weeks before a race is about form not fitness.

The most important thing is to enjoy your holiday and, please, don’t feel guilty about 'missing' training. Rest and recovery is your best ally, it’s not wimping out!! That is something that often gets overlooked in triathlon.

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