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Are you looking for a triathlon coach who has more than 15 years proven experience of helping athletes reach their potential?

Do you want to be able to consistently achieve your goals?

Mark Pearce, triathlon coach

Do you want a coach who:

•    Knows triathlon, and the science of training?

•    Has an eye for detail, and will coach you so that there are no stones left unturned?

•    Will take your triathlon goals and other commitments into consideration to provide you with a plan that works for you?

Then I can help.

Hi, I’m Mark Pearce, Head Coach at Intelligent Triathlon Training.

No matter whether you are aiming to complete your first triathlon, win your age group, be a successful professional or simply improve your performance, I can help. 

All I ask is that you are keen, committed and want to improve.

So Why Be Coached By Me? 

If you’re coached by me, you can be sure that everything will be covered.  I have extensive experience of all aspects of preparation for triathlon.  So not just swim, bike and run training, but also other aspects such as conditioning, nutrition and injury prevention. 

He knows triathlon, the science of training and has pedigree doing so, which set my mind at ease regarding training.

I've seen significant improvements in my fitness and performances in races with Mark and see potential for further gains ahead. 

Dan, triathlete, South Africa

Anyone can write a training programme or download one off the internet, but that plan isn’t specific to you.

If you choose to be coached by me, you will get a training plan tailored to meet your needs – so you can get the best out of yourself with whatever time you have available to train, and have confidence in achieving your goals. 

And you can be sure that this plan has been put together with scientific backing, attention to detail and most importantly, with all your individual requirements and goals in mind.

If you sign up to be coached by Intelligent Triathlon Training, you will be coached by me, Mark Pearce, not passed off to an assistant coach.

How We Would Work Together

Before committing to coaching anyone, I like to have a chat with you first to make sure I am what you are looking for in a coach, and that we both feel we could work successfully together. 

We would also discuss the different coaching options available, to make sure you’re getting the right level of coaching support.

Once we’ve got that sorted, we’d have an in depth conversation so that I can find out all about you - your training and racing goals, background in the sport, time available to train and so on. 

I would then put together your focused, 3 discipline training plan. 

The top things about working with Mark?
1    The discipline of having a schedule that is professionally prepared
2    The personal interaction and Mark’s ability to tailor training to lifestyle and race focus is hugely beneficial
3    You know you are being coached by an individual who has the experience and knowledge of training techniques that work
4. Online facilities including the effectiveness of Training Peaks are really great. 

Terry, triathlete, South Africa

After this, we would communicate on a regular basis (how often will depend on the level of service you choose), usually by Skype.

From our detailed discussion and some analysis tools I use to help inform on current status, I will put together an overview of your training phases up until your main target event – your annual training plan. 

This will provide the basic outline of how and why the programme will work for you, so you know what is coming and how all the components fit together.  

We then discuss this and agree on the plan. 

From there I will plan the detail of the first block of training. I don’t generally include more than 4 weeks of actual day-to-day training, so we can be a little flexible depending on how you get on.

However, from your annual training plan you will have a good idea of what to expect moving forward.

Being with Mark has certainly seen a difference to my approach to training as the structure he provides and explanation of why certain sessions are beneficial has meant I have enjoyed training immensely since I started working with him. 

Nick, triathlete/runner, UK.

Our regular discussions then focus upon how training has gone, session reviews, tweaks to the timetable or specifics of a session, and then ensuring the next training block is understood.  This ensures your training is always on track and that you are progressing as planned.

As well as providing you with training plans, I can support you in your full preparation for a race. 

For example I would analyse the demands of a particular race, the distance, climate, course and so on.  I would ensure that your training programme is designed to meet those needs. 

I can also advise on tapering, race pacing, as well as tactical/technical aspects, and nutrition.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss coaching.

Triathlon Coaching Services

We offer a variety of coaching options, as outlined here:

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