Triathlon Checklist
For Race Day

Why a triathlon checklist? Well, the training for your triathlon has been done, the race is just round the corner.

The last thing you want to do is forget something vital….

….Or spend the night before the race stressing about what triathlon gear you need to take with you.

Having a triathlon checklist will ensure you don’t forget anything vital. The one below contains the essentials that you will need to race.

Obviously everyone has their own things they can’t race without, so you can download it here and add or delete things on the list to suit.

No more lying in bed the night before a race trying to figure out if you've forgotten anything!

It goes without saying that once you have got all your gear together you should check it all to make sure it is in good working order.

This is most relevant for your bike, as it has a lot of bits that could go wrong. Remember to give it the once over at least the day before if not earlier, to give you (or your bike shop) time to make any necessary repairs. Taking a small bike tool (allen keys etc) and pump with you are vital so you can make last minute adjustments if necessary.

Once you get to the race, make sure that all your kit is easily accessible for when you need it.

We once heard of someone who didn’t lay their kit out properly in transition, and got a bit of a shock on the run when they tore open what they were expecting to be an energy gel, and discovered when they tasted it that it was actually shampoo! They’d just grabbed a squidgy sachet out of their bag without checking....

Lastly, don’t take all your lovely new kit to a race. Make sure you’ve worn or used everything a few times to be sure it all works and is comfortable.

triathlon checklist

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