Triathlon Swim Clinics

Improve Your Swim Stroke For Faster Swimming

No matter your level, join us for a fun and learning-packed day of swim technique coaching with Mark Pearce (BTF level 3 coach) and his assistant coaches, Chris Hine ex-Elite triathlete  (BTF Level 2) and Pro triathlete Kim Morrison (BTF Level 2). 

Dates & Location:

* 26th November

* 10th December

* 14th January

*11th February 

Forest Way School, Coalville

Places on the course are strictly limited to 12 per course (1:4 athlete/coach ratio) to enable a high level of individual attention and input.  

Whilst each course can run as a standalone course, they are also designed so that you can attend more than one.  This enables you to get regular input into your stroke and will help it to develop more permanently.  

What do I get?

* 3 sessions in the pool with 1:4 coaching ratio

* 2 classroom sessions learning about swim mechanics

* 1 classroom/practical session with Mark Neimz, former S&C coach for British Triathlon Federation, on mobility and conditioning exercises for swimming

* Videos - We will be videoing above and below the water during the sessions and using this to provide feedback and demos during the day.

* ITT branded silicone Swim cap

On the course you will learn about front crawl swimming: what is important and what isn’t to YOUR stroke.  Everyone has slight differences and not everyone needs or should swim with the same stroke.  We will be working with you to identify the key points for you.

We will have 3 sessions in the water of 60 - 75 mins looking at areas such as:

Body position, kick, timing, catch, rotation, head position, breathing, and how these all combine to effect the efficiency of your stroke.

During these sessions we will use a combination of drills, feedback and repetition to help you to learn the skills required to swim faster for less effort.

All of these areas are also related to triathletes and open water swimmers specifically, so adding some of the open water skills to these will be natural, you don't need to re-learn to swim.

Outside the pool we will be going over the key points of the stroke, helping you to understand what, why and how it all works. 

We also have a session with top Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mark Niemz (formerly S&C coach for British Triathlon), who will be looking at flexibility, mobility and basic conditioning exercises for swimming.  You will get some resources to take home and use in the future from these sessions too.

During the swim sessions we will be performing under and overwater videoing, so we can provide you with clips of your stroke.  Whilst this is not strictly speaking video analysis, it is extremely powerful in helping you to understand the strengths and weaknesses in your stroke. We will also be able to compare this with any subsequent courses you come on. 

Sample Schedule

Final detailed schedule will be sent out once booked onto the course.  Start and finish times will be the same.

08:45 - 09:00

09:00 - 09:45

10:00 - 11:00  

Arrival and coffee 

Welcome and intros - course outline - quick look at what we are trying to do and why

Body position, breathing (importance of kick and timing) 


11:00 - 11:15    Change and coffee
11:15 - 12:00    Classroom work on the mechanics of the swim, how things like stroke rate and count are used - technique training sessions.
12:00 - 12:30    Lunch
12:30 - 13:30     Starting in the class room - physio then moving to applied area looking at key exercises for mobility and condition
13:45 - 14:45    Swim - Rotation and timing
15:00 - 15:45     Video playback
16:00 - 17:00    Swim including catch and full repertoire of drills
17:15 - 17:30    Wrap up

Who Is It For?

You must be able to swim and ideally be active in open water swimming or triathlon.  There is 3hrs+ of swimming sessions (you won't be swimming all the time), so you need to have a reasonable level of fitness for swimming. 

As an example if you have raced in sprint triathlon races, you will be able to manage the course.  Ideally you should be able to swim 400m in less than 10min but the session can manage people swimming as quick as 5min.  If in doubt or if you want to chat please contact Mark.


£150 for one day, with athletes on our Standard Coaching Package receiving 10% off and those on Premium receiving 20% off.


Forest Way School,
Warren Hills Road,

What Do I Need To Bring?

Pull buoy, paddles, FINS are a must, and also food/snacks/drinks for the day.

About Us

Prior to starting Intelligent Triathlon Training, Mark coached the Olympic programme based in Loughborough.  During that time he coached top athletes such as Adam Bowden and Mark Buckingham, both late converts to the sport and with limited swimming experience, who were able to race at the highest level.  Also part of his squad was Lucy Hall, one of the fastest swimmers in the sport of triathlon.

 Since starting ITT he has run a highly successful Swim School programme, improving the swimming technique and speed of many age group athletes in the Loughborough area.  Now he is bringing that opportunity to a wider audience, through the Swim Clinics.

 Chris Hine raced for several years in the BTF Elite Superseries events before embarking on his coaching career.  He has quickly developed a reputation for attention to detail and so we are excited to be working with him on these clinics.

 Kim Morrison is currently racing as Pro in Ironman 70.3 and soon the full Ironman Distance. In two seasons of pro racing she has racked up 2 Ironman 70.3 wins and multiple podiums.  Kim brings a different dynamic to the team, as she is currently coached by Mark, she knows the techniques inside out and provides a wealth of experience from poolside and inside the pool.

Comments From Our Swim School

Thanks for this Mark - and amazed by the change over just 4 coached sessions!

For the first time EVER it feels like I'm not fighting my legs and dragging them along with me - and to do the whole Tuesday morning session this week keeping up no problem in lane 3 only 5-6 weeks after coming back to swimming after such a long break also surprised me - guess swimming more efficiently has helped a lot there.

Thanks so much for taking the time to go through the video, break it down and analyse it - massively helps me understand what it is I need to work on....and makes me all the more determined to crack the timing thing (amongst all the other bits to improve).

That's really helpful to see and I feel very encouraged! The sessions are brilliant and a few things are starting to click now.

In relation to a 400m timetrial:
‘Is this pool short”?
‘That felt so easy and I have knocked 20s of my PB’
(this conversation has been had a few times with various people!)

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