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Beginner Triathletes

Just Starting Out

What is triathlon?
How long is a triathlon?
Putting together a beginner's training programme
8 week beginner's programme for sprint triathlon


Free Training Planner
Training Plans Overview
Guide to planning training
Putting together a beginner's programme
8 week beginner's programme for sprint triathlon
Experienced sprint triathlon programme
Olympic distance programme
Ironman triathlon programme

Swim Training

Swim Training Overview

Improve swim endurance
Improve swim speed
Swim Technique
Shoulder stability for swimming

Bike Training

Bike Training Overview

Types of bike endurance training
Improve bike endurance - beginners
Improve bike endurance - experienced triathletes
Types of training to improve bike speed
How to improve your speed on the bike

Run Training

Run Training Overview

Types of training to improve run endurance
Improve run endurance
Types of training to improve run speed
Improve run speed
Running drills


Recovery Overview
Ice baths
Monitoring recovery

Strength Training

Strength Training Overview

Putting together a strength programme
Core strength level 1
Core strength level 2
Core strength level 3
Glute exercises
Circuit training
Running drills
Hamstring exercises
Lower leg strengthening - calf, ankle
Cure and prevent achilles problems
Shoulder stability and strength
Strength training and weights


Racing Overview
How to race
Getting out wetsuit in transition
Tapering for a race
Checklist for race day

Triathlon Gear

Triathlon Gear Overview
Choosing a bike
Bike Sizing
Swim gear
Wetsuits and reviews
Orca wetsuits
2xu wetsuits
Blue Seventy wetsuits
Quintana Roo wetsuits
Cycling shoes
Running shoes
GPS watches
Compression socks


Nutrition overview
Nutrition for training
Competition nutrition

Science and physiology

Training and physiology terminology
Physiology of racing and training
Fitness testing
Lactate threshold
Running economy
Maximal aerobic power output
Velocity at VO2max


Coach Interviews

Ben Bright
Michelle Dillon
Nathan Kortuem
Richard Laidlow

Athlete Interviews

Liz Blatchford
Will Clarke
Philip Graves
Sarah Haskins
Gwen Jorgensen/a>
Alicia Kaye
Emma Moffat
Jarrod Shoemaker
Beth Walsh

Training Camps

Our training camps

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