Elma Labor Day Triathlon 2011

by Chris Karamatic
(Tacoma, WA USA)

Elma Mid Distance Triathlon (500 swim, 26 bike, 6 run)

Location & Country:
Elma, WA, USA


About The Race:
This is a fun race, very laid back and casual. Not a terribly competitive field, but a good family atmosphere.

The Race Course:

The swim is in a small lake, which tastes kind of gross. The race organizer rows his boat (the motor wouldn't start) trailing a rope laced with buoys out to 125 yards. Swim out and back, out of the water, back in the water, then out and back again.

The bike course is very flat, just a couple of little risers.

The run course is the same course as bike, just turn around sooner.

Transitions were very poorly organized. A couple of 2X4's with an aluminum pipe between them and several fell over taking a lot of bikes with them. The bike is two loops and no one is really paying attention to tell you where to go at the turn around so you just have to make it up for yourself.

Overall Organisation And Atmosphere Of Race:
Very poor organisation. I'd heard about this race from many others and it sounded like a lot of fun, and it really was, but nobody there really seemed to know what was going on. The volunteers at the water stations put a few cups of Gatorade on a table and spent the rest of the race napping in their trucks.

Top Tips For Other Triathletes:
Don't expect much.

Overall Would I Recommend This Race?
I would not recommend this race to anyone who has a lot of experience in highly competitive races. It's a lot of fun for a family or people just learning about the sport but it is grossly overpriced. $90 for a crappy cotton t-shirt and some strawberries at the finish. Most of the turkey sandwich material was already taken by the short course athletes by the time the mid distance race was over.

My Race Story:
I won.

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