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Core Strength Workouts

Level 3

These core strength workouts build on those in Level 1 and Level 2. They are more dynamic and require a good level of core strength to be able to control the exercises effectively.

Therefore ensure you are comfortable with all the exercises in levels 1 and 2, and continue to include these in your training routine.

Remember that excellent core strength is very important for you as a triathlete, both for remaining injury free but also to help you maintain excellent technique in all disciplines, therefore enhancing performance.

So we suggest you do not neglect this area of training, and aim to include some of these exercises regularly.  As a minimum twice a week would work, but the more often the better. 

Some of these exercises can be easily carried out at home before or after another training session.  For example you could include some of the level one exercises after other sessions on a daily basis.

These level 3 exercises can be done as part of a circuit session or on their own. You can either do them for a set duration or a set number of repetitions.

If you are doing a set duration then start of with 20 second efforts and build from there. Have a short rest (half the duration of the exercise) in-between each exercise.

If you are doing a set number of repetitions start with 10 repetitions and build from there, moving through the exercises below continuously without a break. Remember that you should be aiming for perfect technique, not speed!

Look for equipment such as swiss balls and medicine balls to help your training on Amazon.com

Look for equipment such as swiss balls and medicine balls to help your training on Amazon.com

The following exercises are carried out using a Medicine Ball , and the video below illustrates them:

  • Side to side with medicine ball
  • V sits with medicine ball
  • Medicine ball throwing against wall

The following exercises are carried out using a Swiss ball, and the video below illustrates them:

  • Swiss ball planks
  • Swiss ball roll outs
  • Russian twists
  • Swiss ball side raises

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