Blueseventy Helix Review - Fast Wetsuit!

by Chris

I’ve had my Blueseventy Helix wetsuit for almost a year now and I think it is the perfect wetsuit for a competent swimmer. First up, this suit is fast! I’ve swum a good few minutes faster over Ironman than in my previous wetsuit.

I spent quite a while researching suits before buying the Helix. My main requirements were a suit that was very comfortable and flexible yet still high performing. I’ve had a couple of wetsuits before (for surfing) and always struggled to get one that fitted well and that didn’t rub around the neck.

My first impressions of the Blueseventy Helix was that I felt like I was flying! It was so comfortable, didn’t rub and I felt like I could swim in it forever. I’d heard that wetsuits often take a while to ‘break in’ but this suit felt great straight away – no tightness and no adjustments needed.

For me (188cm tall, 77kg male) it has just the right amount of buoyancy in the legs and torso areas, meaning that my swim technique felt efficient. The arms and shoulders do have very thin neoprene which means that my stroke doesn’t feel restricted at all and I don’t feel like I need any extra effort to maintain good technique. It has a reverse action zipper which means no one can unzip you in a race, but you do need someone to help you into it before a race.

My only issue would be that the arms are so thin (about 1mm!) that I don’t know how durable it will be long term though I have raced in it and torn it off in transition with no issues so far. I’m tempted to keep it for racing and use my old suit for training just to be on the safe side.

The other great thing is that there was such a wide range of sizes available for both males and females. So I don’t think anyone of any shape or size would have difficulty in finding a Helix to fit them.

Overall I would highly recommend the Blueseventy Helix wetsuit if you are a competent swimmer looking to improve swim times. It is a comfortable suit, and a great fit. It might not be the best choice for a beginner triathlete or someone wanting to training regularly in a wetsuit as I’m still not convinced that the thin neoprene round the arms and shoulders will be durable.

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Dec 05, 2012
by: Intelligent Triathlon Training

Hi Christophe,

Sorry we can't help you with your question, it just depends if the reviewer sees your comment or indicated they wanted to be told if anyone comments...

Nov 28, 2012
by: Anonymous


Just a quick question about sizing.

What was the size you picked and is that was right directly or you had to change to a smaller or bigger size compared to what was in the sizing table proposed?

Thanks for the great info so far.



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