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This is a New Zealand based company, with offices in New Zealand, the USA and the UK.

The name comes from the fact that 70% of the world is covered in water.

Their mission:

“to make products that enhance the experience of swimming for everyone who wears blue seventy.”

They make wetsuits, swim wear, triathlon apparel as well as accessories such as gogoles, race belts and bags.

The brand was created in 2005 (the company, Direct Innovations was founded in 1993), and has grown rapidly.

They have several ranges of wetsuits, with 3 key types:

  • Natural Buoyancy
  • Balanced Buoyancy
  • Femme Fit (features added to women’s wetsuits)


These features were developed through extensive testing. This included observing how women swim and their anatomical characteristics. Shorter torso lengths, smaller muscle mass, higher swim cadences, and narrower waists paired with wider hips were noted. The results are the specific features to support and enhance female swimming performance.

Positive Buoyancy

Positive buoyancy wetsuits have buoyancy zones that are focussed on increasing buoyancy in the lower body. Positive buoyancy suits work by centralizing buoyancy; lifting the legs and putting the swimmer in a more streamlined position.

Natural Buoyancy

Natural buoyancy wetsuits are designed to accentuate good body position. If you naturally have a good horizontal streamlined position with raised hips and good leg alignment, then your wetsuit should have a high overall buoyancy throughout the suit, lifting your entire body higher in the water and reducing your drag profile.

Blue Seventy Wetsuit Models

The wetsuit range is described on their website as follows:


The Helix is specially built for a natural buoyancy swimmer who desires performance above all else. Unique construction in combination with highly flexible materials produce an unrestricted range of movement, while buoyancy panels throughout the suit provide a higher overall body position in the water.

The Helix has laminated fabric panels on the forearms of the suit. This paper thin, water resistant, but fully permeable material, means that the triathlete can feel water against the inside of the forearm, but the second skin fit doesn't allow any seepage into the rest of the arm. This retains that vital "feel for the water" that swimmers place so much importance on.

The 1mm arms also have a light print on the inside of the sleeve, designed to proprioceptively reinforce better elbow position at the front catch phase of the stroke. The improved awareness and placement of the arm reduces the risk of injury, normally created by the lowering of the elbow during the propulsion phase.

The high stretch TST panels mechanically decouple the arms from the rest of the suit working to ‘float’ the arm and improve shoulder extension, stroke length, and comfort.

Synergie Plus

Complimenting the neutral buoyancy suits of Reaction and Helix, the Synergie promotes better biomechanics and faster swimming. Proven flexibility delivered from RST panels ensures stroke efficiency, while the finest Japanese sourced neoprene provides enhanced flexibility and buoyancy. Designed for swimmers looking for a neutrally balanced suit where comfort and flexibility are paramount.


The Axis suit has been developed with the focus on centralising buoyancy and balancing out the buoyancy zones.

Due to large natural flotation in the torso thanks to the lungs, it makes sense for those with a buoyancy centered on the upper body, to focus the extreme additional suit buoyancy in the lower extremities. By placing higher buoyancy materials in the hips, thighs and lower leg the goal of Balanced Buoyancy is achieved. By increasing the height of the lower body and lifting the legs and hips, the body is in a more streamlined position allowing for a more efficient swim stroke.


For the athlete seeking an incredible value offering with buoyancy focused neoprene technologies, the Reaction has been significantly upgraded using superior material composition and now represents a suit possessing technical qualities of similar suits twice the price.

The Reaction has a unique air-cell front panel, which improves warmth by creating pockets of air within the suit without reducing buoyancy. The suit also includes enlarged arm gussets and full body low-friction coating. This is the perfect mid range suit for someone not wanting to spend big dollars and but also not wanting to settle for second best.


The second suit in the positive buoyancy range, the Fusion delivers targeted buoyancy and all-around flexibility. Strategically placed higher buoyancy panels around the hips and thighs help align heavier legs with the naturally more buoyant lungs in the chest. For swimmers having difficulty keeping their hips and thighs high in the water, the Fusion is the suit of choice. The 4mm chest panel delivers buoyancy designed to assist thigh and hip alignment.


This is a perfect suit for beginner triathletes. The Sprint has been manufactured to represent all that is needed in a wetsuit for a swimmer’s initial foray into the open water.

The first time in the open water can be daunting, and new competitors may be wanting to sacrifice comfort and flexibility for a multi-use suit.

We believe for the first time they need a suit focused on open water swimming and nothing else. The Sprint gives swimmers the initial confidence and buoyancy they need.


This is a Blue Seventy wetsuit made especially for children. It has been tailored to 8 to 12 year olds to encourage water activity, with the benefits of additional buoyancy and visual safety as well as providing protection from the elements.

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