Bike And Run Training To Improve Sprint Triathlon

by Tom

After racing sprint triathlon for a season and gaining better results as the season progressed, I'm looking at getting podiums this next season.

What type of training can I do to help me achieve this, specifically for the bike and run? I have a lot of free time, so am able to train, and but as I don't have a coach for cycling, I'm not too sure what i can further do to improve.

Intelligent Triathlon Training replies:

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing more about you. It would help if we knew what bike and run training you currently do and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

If you can give us more information we can give you a more detailed answer!

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May 02, 2013
Intelligent Triathlon Training replies
by: Mark

Triathlon riding is more than just being a fast rider, it is also about being robust enough to run fast afterwards.

In sprint races it is easy to push hard and ride hard, but you will then pay the price on the run.

The key to racing well is pacing on both bike and run so you optimise the two disciplines. This take practice and can be a little individual, and is also a reason why we use 'brick' sessions (where two disciplines are trained consecutively).

As you are in Australia I presume you are heading into your winter where you have a bit of an off season. Now is the time to get some longer steady miles in (extensive endurance). With lots of time to spare you should be aiming to increase the duration not necessarily go faster initially.

As you get comfortable with longer regular riding, you can move into some more specific endurance work. A tempo ride (intermediate endurance) will help to to develop your robustness at race pace.

BUT to really improve SPEED you need to start to work on some high intensity training (HIT). Specifically around lactate threshold 2 (LT2) for sprint races. These intervals generally require periods of minutes above LT2 followed by recovery not necessarily easy, but below LT2. See our pages on this type of training for ideas on how to set them up.

You can use a turbo trainer for these, but there is no real substitute for getting out on the road (especially with the nicer weather you must get compared to our winter)!

Apr 29, 2013
by: Tom

Well I guess it's more a bike problem; I currently do 4 bike sessions one tempo, one long ride, one easy ride with high cadence and one ride where I do intervals.

My weakness on the bike is probably I don't know when to push hard and when I'm on the bike I'm worried about getting mowed down, so I wait up. I guess I don't really have the top end speed to do the 20km bike in sprint triathlons

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