Cure Your Achilles Injury

Get yourself back into full running training with the
Cure Your Achilles Injury E-Book.

  • Pain in your Achilles that has stopped you running?
  • Take a few days (weeks) off training and think it’s better then bam,  back it comes as soon as you do a couple of runs?
  • Nagging discomfort in your Achilles that you’ve been ignoring for a while thinking (hoping) it’s nothing? But actually, it’s been getting worse and now you can’t train properly?
  • Seen a physio and not feel like you’re getting anywhere?

I know how you feel.  I’ve been there….many times over 8 years.  But now I’ve been running pain-free for 3 years.

Unfortunately the advice is often just to rest or reduce training – not what most people like to hear.  

This book will give you a practical solution to actively fix your Achilles, and most importantly, get back running pain-free.

What’s Included?

Find out:

  • Why your tendon is hurting
  • The most appropriate response for your Achilles problem – depending on the stage of injury and where it hurts.
  • Potential causes of injury and a practical guide for how to address these.
  • Rehab plan based on your stage of injury and your potential cause of injury.
  • How to get back into and increase your running without re-injuring yourself.

Does This Really Work?

I’m Rhona, and I am a sports scientist.  I have been running pain-free for 3 years by following the steps in this guide.  8 years of recurring Achilles problems prompted me to do the research to pull together all the information in this book.

As a sports scientist I come into contact with injured athletes, physios and strength and conditioning coaches on a daily basis. 

Picking up nuggets of information from them, seeing countless physios about my own achilles, and also doing a lot (A LOT) of trial and error, along with reading a lot (again, A LOT) of research articles……

Each time I thought my achilles was sorted and got happily back training, back it would come again.

I would visit a physio, and each time this fixed something, but it always turned out something was missing, because I was stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of injury, rehab, run for a month or two, and back to being injured.

First I was told I had tight calves, next it was weak glutes, then weak abs, then that glutes not strong in right way and so on. 

I just wanted someone to tell me what to do to cure my Achilles – by treating ALL the causes - so I could get back running. 

triathlon runningGet back to running free

So is there a miracle cure?

I’m afraid not.  But if like me you’ve been searching for something, anything, which might help,  you’ve found the place to be.

Obviously seeing a physio is the first place to start, and this guide is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified, experienced sports physiotherapist.  A physiotherapist will be able to assess your individual situation.

However what have you got to lose, the cost of this book is less than the price of a session with a physiotherapist!

What Others Say

"This book is very well organised and presented. It is accessible to athletes and coaches of all levels.

Rhona has taken a complicated subject and made it very simple to understand, giving exercises that can be implemented immediately, and which are easy to follow.

This, coupled with well over a decade's experience of working with world class athletes, and her qualifications as a physiologist, a former athlete, and still a regular runner now, make her extremely well placed to pass on this information. 

As a coach and keen runner, I wish more simple guides like this were available for all types of common injuries.”
Pete McKnight
Strength & Conditioning Coach
French Ski Team
Chairman of the UKSCA

I was given this e book on Achilles Injury to review and help with my ongoing achilles injury which had been affecting me for over two years and disrupting my running. 

Having seen how Rhona had returned to running, after years of achilles soreness, I was sold on the idea of making the effort to undertake exercises regularly. 

Within a matter of a few months my achilles (both sides) were feeling so much better.  I was able to get out of bed without my ankle joint and achilles tendon feeling stiff, achy and painful causing me to limp.  I was also able to walk without pain and then as I became more confident I started to run and I am now back up to running over 40 minutes having also got up to 8 miles.  

I am amazed at how these exercises work and I will not hesitate to be recommending this book to my clients who present themselves with an achilles soreness/injury so that they can undertake these exercises alongside the sports massage that I apply to them as part of their rehabilitation programme. 

Susie Beacham,

Sports Massage therapist and runner

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  • Your potential causes of injury and a practical guide for how to address these.
  • A rehab plan based on your stage of injury and your potential cause of injury - no messing around: address everything relevant and make progress without wasting time hoping you're doing the right thing.
  • How to get back into and increase your running without re-injuring yourself.

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This e-book on Achilles Tendinitis did exactly what it said it would – not let the injury ruin my running training. 

The guide is comprehensive and applicable making recovery manageable, easier, and most importantly, successful! 

Thanks Rhona!
Eloise Du Luart, triathlete

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