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Adam Williams Ironman Australia Report

Get top tips and an insight into an Ironman race from Adam Williams, Intelligent Triathlon Training athlete

Continue reading "Adam Williams Ironman Australia Report"

Stop an Achilles Injury From Ruining Your Training

The Cure Your Achilles Injury E-Book will help you fix your achilles problems and get you back into full running training, injury free, for good.

Continue reading "Stop an Achilles Injury From Ruining Your Training"

Tri Bike Sizing

I have a question about tri bike sizing. I know sizing should be done by an expert and this article here I read is just a guide but the article states:

Continue reading "Tri Bike Sizing"

Intelligent Triathlon Coaching

Mark Pearce, offering experienced triathlon coaching with a range of scientifically underpinned training packages tailored to meet your needs and goals.

Continue reading "Intelligent Triathlon Coaching"

Continuing To Cycle With An Achilles Injury

I have suffered an Achilles injury (hurts right where the tendon attaches to the heel) from ramping up my running speedwork very quickly. Idiot, I know.

Continue reading "Continuing To Cycle With An Achilles Injury"

Addition Of Easy Rides During The Course Of A Training Week

If I have time during the week to fit in some extra 30-40k bike rides at easy pace, will this be beneficial to my short course Olympic distance racing?

Continue reading "Addition Of Easy Rides During The Course Of A Training Week"

Swimming With Contact Lenses

I was wondering if you would be able to comment on us near-sighted athletes, who need contacts to see anything as far as the swimming portion. I am worried

Continue reading "Swimming With Contact Lenses"

Rest Days

When should I schedule rest days into my triathlon training plan? I'm following a plan that has every fourth week as a rest & recuperation week. There

Continue reading "Rest Days"

Heart Rate Training For Triathlon

As a beginner triathlete but long time recreational athlete (Surfing, mountain biking etc), I am wondering how to best utilize my Heart rate monitor.

Continue reading "Heart Rate Training For Triathlon"

How Do I Improve My Swim, Bike And Run Times In 6 Weeks?

I want to improve my triathlon times. I did 1 a year for 3 years then had a baby so didn't do any for two years. I have now entered 2 for this year. I

Continue reading "How Do I Improve My Swim, Bike And Run Times In 6 Weeks?"

Running problems

I am a new triathlete and am struggling with running. I am heading for my first three triathlons in May, June and July. I have a background in competition

Continue reading "Running problems"

Lack Of Progress With Swimming For Triathlon

I have been doing triathlon for 6 years and come from a run background so I have always struggled with swimming but I have persevered and my overall race

Continue reading "Lack Of Progress With Swimming For Triathlon"

Improve My Running Speed

Hi I just came across your triathlon training site a few days ago and must say it really provides lots of useful info. I request your advice on my overall

Continue reading "Improve My Running Speed"

Nutrition For Half Ironman Triathlon

I'm a 49 year old woman who is just starting out to train for a half Ironman triathlon, which is 9 months away. I'm very confused about the nutrition

Continue reading "Nutrition For Half Ironman Triathlon"

Would This Be Overtraining?

I am a senior in high school who has participated in cross country, swimming, and spring track for 5 years. Swim season has just started this winter. Our

Continue reading "Would This Be Overtraining?"

Full Iron Distance Training For Half Iron Distance Race?

I've entered Ironman 70.5 Wimbleball in June 2014 and the realisation of the task ahead has set in so I've decided to train for full iron distance to ensure

Continue reading "Full Iron Distance Training For Half Iron Distance Race?"

Building Up Training For Ironman Copenhagen

I've heading for IM Copenhagen 2014 and have been studying your 20 week training plan. Seems to fit me rather well. but still there is 55 weeks until IM

Continue reading "Building Up Training For Ironman Copenhagen"

Improve Bike For Ironman 70.3

I just recently started competing in the 70.3 Ironman distance and am looking for a way to improve my bike split (2:39). I am an experienced road cyclist

Continue reading "Improve Bike For Ironman 70.3"

For Open Water Swimming With Confidence, Follow Our 3 Step Guide

A 3 step guide to open water swimming for triathlon, to give you confidence and skill in the water.

Continue reading "For Open Water Swimming With Confidence, Follow Our 3 Step Guide"

Improve 5K and 10K times

I am having difficulty improving my 5km & 10km run times. I currently run 23 mins for 5km off the bike and 45mins for 10km. I would like to improve both

Continue reading "Improve 5K and 10K times"

Fitness Instructor And Triathlon Training

Hi! I am training for an Ironman that is happening on Dec 1 this year and I teach several group fitness classes per week. So I'm 26 weeks out. I want

Continue reading "Fitness Instructor And Triathlon Training"

Sprint Or Olympic distance For Beginner

I'm trying to decide which distance triathlon to do. In the past year I've done an aquathlon three-race series (800m swim, 5k run) and one 5k open water

Continue reading "Sprint Or Olympic distance For Beginner"

Pacing For A First Triathlon

I'm new to triathlons, am about to do my first one and am not sure about pacing. It is 0.5k swimming, 6.5k biking and 3k running. I can swim good and

Continue reading "Pacing For A First Triathlon"

Open Water Swim

I am new to triathlon and have a question about open water swimming. I haven't actually done one yet, I was supposed to earlier this month but had to have

Continue reading "Open Water Swim"

Brazil Ironman Triathlon Hydration

As a hypothetical sports nutritionist and triathlon coach, I have a few questions that I could use a little help with; 1. Given the conditions in Brazil

Continue reading "Brazil Ironman Triathlon Hydration"

Organising A Base Week Of Bike, Swim, Weights

I am planning a couple of months focusing on cycling miles, swimming improvement and weight training, but having come from a purely running background,

Continue reading "Organising A Base Week Of Bike, Swim, Weights"

Calculate Ironman Target Cycle Intensity

Just did my first Ironman and I want to improve my pacing. My weekend long ride was usually between 100 and 140km or 4-7 hrs. These sessions were very

Continue reading "Calculate Ironman Target Cycle Intensity"

Low Max Heart Rate

Hi, I'm a 48 year old guy that started exercising 6 years ago. I had no athletic background. I've now completed 5 Ironman races (fastest 12:01). When

Continue reading "Low Max Heart Rate"

First Tri Bike

I am a 61 yr old triathlete who has been racing for four years and have done four half Iron mans on my road bike. I am looking to buy a tri bike for my

Continue reading "First Tri Bike"

Periodisation for a Triathlete

My name is Tara and I am on the home stretch in finishing my triathlon cert III & IV assignments with 2 left! One of which is a periodisation assignment

Continue reading "Periodisation for a Triathlete"

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