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Quintana Roo wetsuits are made by a company founded by an Ironman triathlete.

Quintana Roo, as well as being one of the states of Mexico, (located on the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula), is also a manufacturer of triathlon bikes and triathlon wetsuits.

Unlike other brands, they focus solely on triathlon equipment, and some people say they invented the triathlon bike. They started in 1987 by producing the first triathlon-specific wetsuit and then in 1989 moved into the bike market, pioneering triathlon-specific bike frames. Quintana Roo produce 3 different wetsuits for men and women which are regularly refined and updated every few years:

  • Superfull
  • Hydrofull
  • Ultrafull

They claim to have more sizes than any other wetsuit manufacturer. For men’s wetsuits they have different lengths – but not for women.

The Quintana Roo Website describes their wetsuits as follows:


The 1.5mm Type 40 panels on the sides offer extra multi-directional stretch to accommodate chest expansion and contraction when breathing is heavier than normal. The forearm panel is made of silver sharkskin. The QR ankle has a 1.5mm Type 40 insert to speed up your exit from the suit.

We all know how pull buoys work when in the pool doing laps and training. The Superfull uses what we've patented as a Virtual Pull Buoy (VPB). Once you try it, you'll understand. It helps you rotate on your axis in the water to make you swim faster, with less effort. What does that mean? It means you burn fewer calories and keep your heart rate lower, while maintaining proper swimming form.


This suit makes the high end suits from our competitors look over priced, and the 2010 Hydrofull is a better suit than the Superfull was three years ago. These innovations keep your suit feeling like a second skin that moves easily along with you.

The 2010 Hydrofull has the patented VPB just like the current Superfull. The shoulder and chest panels are made of Yamamoto Type 39 Neoprene to give you one of the highest ranges of motion possible. We've also improved durability of the suit by using tougher neoprene in the legs, an area that suffers more than others in the transition zone.


All of our Ultra-level suits are made using Yamamoto rubber. Yamamoto is the world leader in triathlon neoprene.

We vary the thickness of the neoprene used in the suit to give it the perfect balance of buoyancy and flexibility. We use more different panels on the suit than any other manufacturer. The result is that you'll be amazed at the feel of this suit in the water. It keeps you up in the water and doesn't hinder your stroke. The Ultrafull has benefited from years of technical advancements in fit, comfort and material evolution. As our more advanced suits get improvements, our entry level suits benefit from those developments.

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