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Orca wetsuits were designed and developed by a former triathlete, starting out in 1992.

Orca has had long term relationships with several world class triathletes, and rather than just sponsoring them they use the triathletes’ knowledge and experience to help research and develop new products.

At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the first in which triathlon was an official Olympic sport, two thirds of all triathlon competitors wore Orca Speedsuits.

From 1996 Orca started producing more than just wetsuits, branching into other sports apparel.

In the 2006 70 percent of triathletes wore Orca apparel at the Commonwealth Games, including competitors from the New Zealand, Canadian, English and South African teams.

The different Orca wetsuit models are described on the Orca website as follows:

Orca Alpha

The Nano SCS coating generates increased speed and buoyancy. You get amazing flexibility, fit and comfort from the 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 Cell neoprene, which has been shaped for maximum stretch across the shoulders, back and chest of the wetsuit.

Meanwhile, what lies beneath is just as important with the 4-Way FreeStretch lining providing even more stretch and comfort. Panels of Yamamoto AeroDome neoprene have been placed on the front and rear of the torso, generating 30% more buoyancy.

Orca 3.8

Yamamoto AeroDome neoprene completely around the torso area of the wetsuit, using the buoyancy of hundreds of air cavities trapped within the neoprene to place your legs and torso in an optimum swimming position. HydroLift Buoyancy Cells, positioned on the sleeves of the wetsuit, lift your arms through the water, while the AquaTread forearm panel generates increased power with every stroke.

Orca Sonar

Constructed from Yamamoto SCS 39 cell, a dense structure neoprene that delivers exceptional buoyancy and flexibility. Perfect for intermediate level open water swimming, the Orca Sonar features the DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel and HyperStretch Underarm, providing excellent range of movement. HydroLift Body and Leg panels and a seamless torso provide buoyancy and keep the swimmer in an optimum position.

Orca Equip

1mm Yamamoto neoprene on the sleeves increasing comfort and flexibility. Constructed of durable, performance-quality HydroCell SCS neoprene, the Orca Equip gives the beginner the functions and features they need to improve their performance in the water. There is also a 100% 1mm sleeveless option. This is classed as an ‘entry level’ suit.

Orca S3

Utilises a lighter, more flexible neoprene and a host of new features to make it the ideal wetsuit for those taking their first steps into triathlon and open water swimming. The S3 is also available to hire in many markets, providing the option to try out open water swimming, and swimming in a wetsuit. There is also a sleeveless version.

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