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Intelligent Triathlon Talk, Issue #013 -, Be Coached By Us!
September 03, 2013

Intelligent Triathlon Talk

3rd September 2013, Issue No 13.

Welcome to Intelligent Triathlon Talk.

In this issue:

  • News Update
  • Training Advice: Threshold Development On The Bike
  • New: Coaching and Training Advice Service

Mark's Squad News

(Mark is Performance Coach for British Triathlon’s High Performance Centre in Loughborough.)

Some notable results for the squad are that Mark Buckingham won the ITU World Cup race in Palamos, Spain, and Lucy Hall was 7th in the World Cup race in Tiszjauvaros, Hungary.

Adam Bowden, Mark Buckingham and Lucy Hall have all been selected for the GB team for the World Championship Series Grand Final in London (Lucy in the U23s).

Recently we have been on a 2 week training camp in Divonne, just over the border in France from Geneva. It was a great venue, with good running and riding in the Jura mountains.

Currently we are away on another camp, this time back to Las Playitas Resort in Fuerteventura for a swim focussed camp leading up to the Grand Final in London.

In other news, we are now offering a coaching and training advice service to any triathlete – from first-timer to age grouper to Olympian, and from sprint to Ironman.

NEW: Be Coached By Us!

Our first client, Geoff Beetham won the World Sprint Duathlon Championships for his age group (35 – 39). Not only did he win his age group, he also set the fastest overall time.

A great result, and not bad for someone whose aim when we started coaching him was just to qualify for the championships, and who struggled to run more than once a week!

If you would like more information about being coached by us, please contact us through the website. We can only offer this service to a limited number of athletes so we are giving you, our newsletter customers the first opportunity to access this.

From mid-October we will be advertising these services to all our website visitors.

Training Tip Of The Month

Getting the best race performance is not about just doing the most training possible. A programme design that includes rest and recovery and allows you to maximise the training effect is vital.

Sometimes something as simple as rearranging the sessions you are doing enabling you to hit your quality sessions fresher so you gain more from them and allow you to recover well from them is all you need to do.

A Session To Try: Threshold Development on the Bike

Whether you are an elite drafter or an age group non-drafter, raising your threshold power output or speed should be of great interest to you.


Because by increasing your threshold speed it will either enable you to ride more comfortably saving energy for the run, or ride faster so gaining you time.

This session can work for LT1 or LT2 (see here for a description of lactate thresholds).

Session to Improve LT2:

2 – 3 x 20 minute efforts with 5 minutes recovery between efforts.

Each 20 minute effort contains 2 intensities. “High”: above LT2 power/heart rate; “Low”: a little below this threshold (above LT1 but below LT2).

2 minutes high, 4 minutes low, repeated 3 times, and then finish with 2 minutes high.

Session to Improve LT1:

2 - 3 x 40 minutes or 1 - 2 x 60 minutes – the more experienced/better trained you are or the longer the race you are training for, the longer your session.

Again there are 2 intensities, “High”: above LT1 power/heart rate (half way between LT2 and LT1); “Low”: a little below this threshold (about 5 – 10 beats below LT1 heart rate).

High:Low ratio is 1:1.

When you first start these sessions start with 5 minutes high, 5 minutes low, but as you become more comfortable you can extend this out to 10 minute blocks.

If you are really well trained, you could increase the ratio to 2:1, eg 10 minutes high, 5 minutes low.

The important thing here is that the recovery is NOT easy – it should still be harder than your steady riding intensity.

New On The Website

Open Water Swimming:

A 3 step guide to open water swimming for triathlon, to give you confidence and skill in the water.

Ask the Coach

Since our last newsletter we have answered lots of questions. Got a question for us? Submit it to the website and check out other people’s questions - and our answers.
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Rhona & Mark

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