Beginner Triathlon

All You Need To Know To Get Started With Confidence

So you’re a beginner to triathlon? Great, we're here to help you get started with ease!

There are probably a few things you'd like to know if you're a beginner to triathlon – OK, maybe lots of things, but let’s start with these:

  1. How long is a triathlon
  2. What is involved in a race
  3. How much (and what) training do I need to do?

Are you wondering whether you might be biting off more than you can chew?

Well you’re not alone. Triathlon is a very fast growing sport, so if you go down to your local club or enter an event, chances are you won’t be the only beginner.

Triathlon is a sport that you don’t have to be ‘super fit’ to take part in, and you don’t need to be great at all three disciplines.

triathlon pontoon start

To find your local club is a great resource. The site also allows you to search for events to enter, and you might be able to find a triathlon for beginners.

Get your free triathlon training planner by signing up for our newsletter at the top right of this page. This is a fantastic tool to help you plan your training in a logical manner.

It walks you through profiling your swimming, cycling and running, and gets you to record your aims so that you can make sure your training is focussed on achieving your goals.

You can also record all your workouts as well as race performances. So go on, sign up and get your own copy of that planner - an ideal tool for a beginner to triathlon!

What Is Triathlon?

Triathlon is an exciting sport involving a continuous race over various distances in the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. A standard race is made up of swimming, followed by cycling, followed by running.

How Long Is A Triathlon?

The beauty of triathlon is that there is a race for everyone – from a supersprint with the swim in a pool and the run only 2km for a beginner triathlon, through to the ultimate challenge of an Ironman.

What About Training?

No matter how fit (or unfit) you are, with a little work, you will be able to complete a race. The amount of training you do will depend on how much time you have available and what you are aiming for. Here you can find beginner triathlon schedules.

Triathlon Transitions

Improve your transition and knock seconds off your time. Includes a video to illustrate key bike and transitions skills, as well as top tips for speeding up this part of the race.

Swimming Technique

Improving your triathlon swimming technique can have a big impact on your performance in races, especially if you are a beginner. Find out why it is important, what you can do to improve it and some great resources to help you progress.

Sprint Triathlon Training For Beginners

An easy to follow, effective 8 week schedule for beginners. We explain how to do each session, as well as how to follow the program and adapt it to your needs.

Triathlon Racing

How to plan, prepare and execute triathlon races successfully, whether you are a beginner to triathlon or an experienced athlete. Lots of tips and advice for race day.

Triathlon Checklist For Race Day

A handy checklist for you to download and adapt to suit. No more lying in bed the night before a race worrying about whether you've forgotten anything!

Ask The Triathlon Coach

Are you a beginner to triathlon? Got a question? Ask us here!

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