2xu V:1 Wetsuit Review

by Clint
(San Diego, CA)

I use the 2XU Velocity:V1 wetsuit and can highly recommend it. I used to have an E:1 Elite but I’ve raced and training in it a lot over the past 4 seasons so I decided it was time to invest in a new wetsuit. I like 2XU (although I have had Orca and Blueseventy suits in the past) so decided to give them another go.

The V1 felt nice and flexible when I first put it on, especially round the shoulders, which felt good. It fits perfectly (I’ve got a size medium and am 5ft9 and 161 pounds).

It lets in only a tiny film of water. The wetsuit allows a great range of movement around the shoulders, better than any other wetsuit I’ve tried. This means my swim stroke feels good and I feel like my catch is much better and stronger.

The wetsuit has what is called CWEZ on the forearms (concave water entrapment zone). Sounds fancy - basically it gives you more purchase on the water. I did notice the difference, almost like swimming with paddles.

The V1 wetsuit didn’t feel as buoyant as other suits I’ve worn, and so might not be the best choice for a weaker swimmer. I had to work my kick more but I came to triathlon from swimming so this being my strength, once I got used to the change I felt like I was swimming efficiently. There are propulsion panels on the shins which are supposed to give you more power in the kick, but I don’t know if I feel like I go faster because of focusing more on my kick or because of these panels.

I’ve had to make a couple of repairs to a seam after 3 races (a bit of glueing), but other than that, despite appearances the wetsuit does seems fairly resilient. In any case I have found 2xu to have good customer service – I had a suit that came apart at the seams and they replaced it.

Another bonus about this suit is that it is ridiculously easy to remove, which is really refreshing!

Compared to previous triathlon wetsuits I have worn I would say the 2xu V:1 is the fastest and the most flexible, but probably not a suit for a beginner triathlete due to being relatively expensive and not being the most buoyant of suits. For experienced triathletes this is a fantastic wetsuit!

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